Fundamental service


Be with experts to enjoy your car efficiently. Be sure to get your car to the highest standards of outstanding service when it is taken to the agent of Suzuki cars in Yemen, Sabeha Trading Company, under the supervision of experts and experienced technicians using Suzuki original spare parts, which fit your car perfectly.

Bring your car, whatever its needs. Whether it's for a regular oil change or engine repair. Do not think about taking it to any other place. We provide your car requirement from the moment of purchase until the day of your presence to buy a new car.

We have full equipment for all services , including

  •   Change oil and filters
    Maintenance and replacement tires
    Air conditioning
    Multi-point vehicle check
    Automatic transmission
    Shipping service or startup or battery
    Brake System Anti-lock
  •  Scheduled Maintenance Service
    Replacement pads and brake shoes
    Engine Maintenance
    All-wheel drive and 4 × 4
    Engine cooling and cabin
    Equation wheels
    And much much more

Can not find this service or experience anywhere else , and at a price close to what you would pay in other repair shops ..

Excellent service

When you arrive to the service center, service advisors will conduct a multi- point check to determine the services which they are recommended and necessary to maintain the best performance of your car. The aim of this service is to help you to understand the nature of the services and maintain the main components of your car at its best condition.

When you reach your maintenance center, your car will be in the experts' hands. Where the service team examines all the major components and evaluated them, including:

  •  Fluid levels
    Transmission fluid
    Brake fluid
    Tire tread depth and wear patterns
    Shock absorbers
    Column recycling
    Engine Air Filter
  •  Engine Oil
    Tanks spaces
    Regulations and basic components
    Battery Life
    Brakes ( measurement / checked for corrosion )
    Sir examination and hoses
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