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Our next important service to our valued customers is to provide professional after- sales services by providing Suzuki genuine spare parts. Sabeha Trading Company, as the authorized distributor of Suzuki automobiles in Yemen, provides a complete range of Suzuki genuine spare parts for all Suzuki automobiles sold in Yemen. All spare parts sold are genuine, and guaranteed by our company, therefore insuring full customer satisfaction.

Genuine spare parts

Pieces work in your car every time you drive on the road. Just as it should be working on your car qualified and adequately trained experts, pieces e that they use in the reform should also be well designed, manufactured, and recommended for your car. When using the spare parts designed and manufactured recommended by Suzuki, there is no doubt about the quality, appropriate, or job performance. They are backed and guaranteed by Suzuki and it agent in Yemen Sabetha Trading Company.

Request original equipment parts from Suzuki

Suzuki manufactures spare parts for us according to the same high standards of our cars. Based on our experience which extended for a long time in selling cars business, we know how important to maintain your Suzuki car using spare parts produced by Suzuki. Not only the piece that fits your car properly helps in its performance, but also it is long-lasting as well. In other words, save your funds through the replacement of the spare parts.

Replaced parts from Suzuki

When it comes to the performance, longevity and value,  the best choice is the spare parts replaced from Suzuki. They are guaranteed and backed by Suzuki as well. To make sure that the used spare parts are working as they should, visit us to get the details of the warranty of the spare parts.

Advantages of original spare parts from Suzuki

Safety : -

By using genuine Suzuki spare parts, you guarantee safety for your car, passengers traveling with you, and pedestrians. Therefore, the original Suzuki parts designed, manufactured and tested to meet safety standards and legitimate emissions, and even more.

. Performance: -

The design of all Suzuki car parts are meant to be working together in order to ensure optimal performance, desired comfort, and ultimate efficiency of fuel consumption. It also applies to the original Auto Parts Suzuki which is manufactured according to the same stringent specifications just like previous pieces that are installed in the factory.

. Quality: -

Quality ensures the standards of the design and manufacturing of the appropriate and  original Suzuki spare parts. Also, it ensures making the final touch to guarantee a high performance. They are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly without annotating it by force and without leaving gaps or work deformities. They offer the same rendering as the main parts of the vehicle.

. Value : -

Maintain the safety of your care by using spare parts produced by Suzuki and you would be grateful when you sell it. The use of the original spare parts of Suzuki maintains the resale value.

. Warranty: -

Suzuki Warranty gives you a complete peace of mind, whether for service, structure repairing, or Suzuki Accessories components. All are made to meet the highest quality and standards.


. Originality: -

It is easy to discover the Genuine Suzuki Parts through its brand . Our distinctive brand found in a visible place.


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