SUZUKI New Vitara

All-new Suzuki Vitara. Fanciful design
  • A superior new concept of elegance and comfort.
  • Advanced safety standards and masterly performance
  • NEW VITARA – a new world waiting for you
 SUZUKI New Vitara

The all-new Suzuki Vitara. It Lives.

The all-new Suzuki Vitara takes our exceptional SUV expertise - and builds on it. Rugged design, unique ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive*, Radar Brake Support** and an audio and navigation system† that links to your smartphone are fused with an abundance of exciting personalisation options. All this, and more, make the stylish new Vitara a thrilling SUV that you’ll want to drive, and drive, and drive.

Seven Airbags

Smartphone link audio(Optional)

 Adaptive Cruise Control 

Suzuki ALLGRIP intelligent four wheel drive system (GLX)

Multiple Personalisation Options

Low Emission Engine.

Instantly Recognisable Individuality.

The Vitara has a style of its own, combining the traditional image of a Suzuki SUV with unique modern accents and elements. Take some time to look around the all-new Vitara and you’ll see why its distinctive exterior and interior design is winning so many admirers. From its rugged SUV body to an ergonomic cabin, the Vitara looks as good as it drives.

LED projector headlights

Stand out with style, the projector headlights with height-adjustable beams provide superior driving vision and better view at farther distances, without blinding other drivers. To ensure more safety, it is also fitted with the front and front fog lamps, and third brake light to improve visibility while driving, giving you greater confidence even in heavy rain or dense fog.

'Aluminum  wheels and Urban pack

Vitara is outfitted with your choice of standard 17-inch polished-aluminum wheels with premium paint and chrome inserts that make a seriously stylish impact. 

Lockable multi roof rack

Lockable roof box(Optional)

 The lockable box helps you manage heavy workloads, even if you’re loading up for a weekend of fun. It starts with a bed built from steel that’s roll formed, not simply stamped. The process lets us use higher-grade steel that’s stronger, lighter and more durable.

SUZUKI’s Traditional SUV Motifs


The striking design of Vitara such as the clamshell bonnet, flared fender, fender garnish and thick C pillars,
has been modernised and incorporated throughout the vehicle. All to make impression. Every line has meaning.
Every curve has cause. Yes, the new Vitara is stunning to look at, but it’s more than just a mid-size car with
good looks.Aero-optimized rounded corners, head lamps and side mirrors allow the car to effortlessly slice through the air.

Exteiror items?Front grille and Fender garnish

Bold lines and sporty exterior design support aerodynamics while the refined front fascia and front-grille instantly
grabs your attention. Aerodynamic details guide airflow seamlessly around the vehicle body to help increase
fuel efficiency. The elegant presence of Vitara moves you forward, while allowing the world to flow easily around you.

Front grille (White)

Front grille (Black)

Fender garnish (White)

Fender garnish (Black)

Comfortable Enough to Drive Forever

Your heart will pulse with curiosity when you first sit in the driver's seat and contemplate the time you will spend with the Vitara.
You'll indulge in the spacious yet cosy interior that gently surrounds you.
And when the engine starts to rev, you'll feel a rising excitement about all the places you want to visit. Already, your heart is running toward the next destination.


Smartphone Linkage Display Audio
The Vitara features with a screen – an integrated color touchscreen interface that connects automatically to your mobile device for music and video playback, internet access, real-time navigation and mobile apps. Vitara also lets you stay connected behind the wheel with handsfree Bluetooth connectivity, which can be integrated with SIRI to allow for Eyes Free Mode. This ingenious addition allows you to control certain aspects of the Sonic without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. Very clever. 

MP3/WMA compatible CD player
Vitara is loaded with The audio system packs a CD player, MP3 playback and iPod connectivity, plus USB port to put you in complete control of your tunes. Never miss another moment of your life.

Freedom and Comfort, Anytime, Anywhere

What will you put in the spacious luggage space before setting off?
When did you last enjoy the perfect comfortable drive?
Pack your curiosity and set off to freedom with the Vitara.
The feeling of sheer excitement and unrivalled electric performance of the Vitara is too good not to be shared. Which is why this thrilling vehicle boasts a spacious cabin with enough room for you and six of your friends. Each and every seat in the Vitara is designed to give every passenger the space they need to relax after each exciting moment they experience during the ride. And its also big on space for all your things. Massive pockets on either side of the upper center stack make plenty of space available, while a huge glove box features a large concealed area for your important stuff. Available split-folding rear seats make storing larger items much easier. The Sonic is ready for anyone and anything.


Oh yeah! These two words embody almost every aspect of the energetic 2015 Suzuki Vitara. This is a car for those who want more than just a way to get around. It’s for those who love to have a little fun behind the wheel. This little dynamo powers around on a pulse-racing 1.6L engine, that keeps you out in front of the crowd and your bank balance a little higher thanks to its incredible fuel economy and lowest cost of maintenance on the market. The redesigned exterior is engineered to drop jaws from any angle, whilst the spacious and modern interior combines effortlessly with its cutting-edge technology to create a truly sensational ride. In short, this car is built to excite.

1.6-litre petrol engine
Under the new Captiva's sculpted hood is an engines, 1.6-L, that features the latest technology combining performance and fuel economy, boasting automatic speed transmissions for a powerful, yet smooth ride. Choose a front or active on-demand four-wheel drive configuration, and discover how Captiva adapts naturally to your driving style, granting you effortless control over any road. Captiva has been designed to take on the great outdoors with ease and confidence. Follow the road, wherever it may take you and make the most of Captiva’s versatile soul. 

ALLGRIP 4-Wheel system*

Engine Auto Start/Stop

Vitara offers available keyless access. This easy-to-use feature allows you to simply press the button on the door handle to unlock the door. And then as long as the key fob is inside the vehicle, you can start the engine with the push of a button. You can also start the Vitara remotely using the remote start feature and open and close the power liftgate using the remote control.

Powertrains: Powerful and efficient

Vitara's powertrain is mated to an automatic transmission with TAPshift for rapid on-demand gear changes. The slightest
tap of the gas pedal will reveal Vitara doesn’t skimp on power. The standard offers enhanced fuel efficiency and lower
emissions while enhancing low-rpm torque. This provides a greater feeling of power even at lower speeds .

Multifunctional brake system

When in traffic, this system detects the vehicle in front, and if it senses the possibility of a collision, it warns the driver with a buzzer and an indication on the multi-information display. If the probability of a collision increases further, the system activates brake assist which increases the braking force during panic braking. If the system determines that a collision is unavoidable, it applies the brakes automatically. The system thus helps prevent collisions when the vehicle is driving at low speeds and helps reduce damage in the event of a collision.


When travelling above approximately 5 km/h, the system detects the vehicle in front, and if there is a risk of collision, it warns the driver to use the brakes. The timing of the warning can be switched between the settings of FAR and NEAR.

2.Brake assist

If a vehicle ahead is detected and there is a high probability of a collision, the system increases the braking force during panic braking, thereby helping to avoid the collision or reduce damage.

3.Automatic brake

If a vehicle in front is detected and the system determines that a collision is unavoidable, it applies the brake automatically in order to avoid the collision or reduce damage from it.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

The Vitara’s ACC uses the cruise control system together with the RBS radar sensor. A millimetre-wave radar measures
the distance from the vehicle in front. To maintain a long, medium or short distance from the preceding vehicle as set
arbitrarily by the driver, the system automatically accelerates or decelerates the vehicle, thus enhancing comfort.

1.Constant speed control

If there is a sufficient distance from the vehicle ahead, the Vitara travels at the constant set speed.

2.Deceleration control

If the vehicle in front is travelling at a lower speed than the Vitara, the set speed of the Vitara is
automatically reduced to keep a sufficient distance from the vehicle and follow it.

3.Acceleration control

If the vehicle in front departs from the lane and there is asufficient distance from the next
vehicle ahead, the Vitara automatically reaccelerates and keeps the set speed.

  • Dimensions

    Overall lengthmm 4,175
    Overall widthmm 1,775
    Overall heightmm 1,610
    Wheelbasemm 2,500
    TreadFrontmm 1,535
    Rearmm 1,505
    Minimum turning radiusm 5.2
    Minimum ground clearancemm 185

    Seating capacitypersons 5
    Fuel tank capacitylitres 47

    Type M16A D16AA
    Valve arrangement DOHC-16V DOHC-16V
    Maximum outputkW / rpm 88 / 6,000 88 / 3,750
    Maximum torqueNm / rpm 156 / 4,400 320 / 1,750
    Fuel distribution Multipoint injection Direct injection(common rail)

    Type 5MT 6AT 5MT 6AT 6MT 6MT

    BrakesFront Ventilated disc
    Rear Disc
    SuspensionFront MacPherson strut with coil spring
    Rear Torsion beam with coil spring
    Tyres 215 / 60R16, 215 / 55R17

    Kerb weightkg 1,075 1,120 1,160 1,185 1,230 1,295
    Gross vehicle weightkg 1,730 1,870
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